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Martes, Hulyo 31, 2012

The Tikbalang Human-Horse

The Tikbalang creature is demi-human, half-horse, half human. Its lower torso is part horse and the upper is human, its like a centaur, but more scary type as its eyes are red, and is said to carry an axe(palakol in local dialect) everywhere it goes.

Tikbalang nests in the forests of the Philippines, and is said that it would astray a traveler's way, making it go back to the same place over and over again. The Tikbalang's spell can be undone by turning your shirt inside-out or saying "padaan po or tabi po" meaning excuse me may I pass.

According to people who witnessed the so called monstrous "Tikbalang". It smokes huge tobacco and eats leaves from 5-storey trees; and is said to be taking beautiful teenagers who pass by his home. They most likely live near rivers and humongous trees.

When it rains in a sunny day, people here in the Philippines would say "There are Tikbalangs getting married".

You can tame a Tikbalang when you snatch one of its golden hair, there are only 3 of them; so break-a-leg! Once you get the golden hair, you get to ask anything you want the Tikbalang to do.

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